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Multi Dot Card (What's Next)

  • Comedy Magic
  • Stand Up Magic
  • A great sucker trick

Great comedy magic that's oh so effective. A large card is displayed on both sides, there's clearly 6 spots on one side and 1 spot on the reverse. It's then shown to have 4 spots on the first side and 3 on the reverse. This display is repeated, until the audience realise what's happening and they're vocal in letting the magician know! Then, giving in to their demands, the magician reveals to the method to the audience. Showing that by covering a spot or a blank, the card shows a different quantity of spots. However, just when the audience are satisfied - the card is clearly displayed to have a full 6 spots on one side and 3 on the other. What comes next? You'll see their amazement when the card is turned over and shown to have a multitude of spots. A great sucker magic trick that entertains young & old audiences, ready to work right away and it's easy to perform.

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