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Block of Gold

  • Magician pushes a toothpick through the centre of a matchbox
  • The box is opened and a solid brass block removed
  • There's no remaining space
  • An incredible effect

Note from Martin:

You remove a matchbox and a toothpick (or matchstick) from your pocket, push the toothpick straight through the centre of the box, freely showing all sides with nothing to hide. Remove the toothpick and open the box...Wow, there's a solid brass block that entirely fills the box! The solid block is removed and all examined. No sleight of hand, no palming, this is a self working trick of the highest calibre. An illusion using a matchbox and toothpick (or match). The matchbox is shown freely, the magician clearly pushes a toothpick right through the centre of the matchbox, even allowing a spectator to pull it through the other side. The spectator is now invited to open and look inside the box - to their utter amazement, inside is a solid brass block completely filling the drawer. A great any time, anywhere pocket trick using simple looking objects. Easy to carry around and oh so easy to perform!
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