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Chinese Linking Rings (set of 8)

£15.50 - £70.00
  • 4" (10cm): £15.50 (Out of Stock)
  • Linking Metal Rings - The all time classic magic trick
  • Various sizes available

Note from Martin:

This is a classic magic trick that fits easily into the magicians act, suitable for Patter or Silent, Serious or Comedy, this prop has stood the test of time. The larger sets are advised for stage use, while for those who would like to carry a set around and use in close circumstances, there's the 4 inch set. Note, this is a professional effect and to use to full potential, requires much practice.A full set of eight Chinese Linking Rings. We now stock these in three sizes, 12inch (30cm), 8 inch (20cm) or 4 inch (10cm) diameter. Quality sets of linking rings complete with instructions.
Note: sizes are approximate
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£15.50 - £70.00
  • 4" (10cm): £15.50 (Out of Stock)