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Deep Clear - Paul Harris

  • Close up Prediction trick
  • Updated version of Deep Astonishment
  • Paul Harris Magic

Deep Clear is an updated version of Paul Harris's Deep Astonishment. 

In this routine, a wallet with an open window is placed in full view during the entire performance, the back of a playing card can be seen through the window. The magician proceeds to show a short fun effect during which a word is freely thought of by the spectator. When the magic appears to be finished, the magician draws attention to the wallet - reminding the spectator or their word, cards are removed from the wallet and dealt onto the table. Each card has a letter on it, the letters spell the freely chosen word.
Paul Harris has a reputation for creativity and innovation, Deep Clear is one of his best creations taken a step further and is now Mind Reading at its best.
Supplied with gimmicks, wallet and playing cards
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