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Mental Logs

  • Four plastic logs, each with random numbers, you always correctly predict the total
  • An easy to do trick, that gives the impression of mathematical genius
  • Anytime, anywhere
  • Everything can be examined

A great feat of apparent mathematical genius, yet incredibly simple to do. The Mental Logs Magic Trick consists of Four small cylinders, each with a variety of numbers printed on it and all can be thoroughly examined.

A spectator is requested to place the cylinders in a random order. As this is done, the magician writes a predicted total. The numbers showing on the rods are then added together, when the total is arrived at, the magician's instant calculation is seen to be correct.
The trick is now offered to be repeated, even though this breaks the magician's code - this time though, the magician makes the prediction without even seeing the numbers that are going to be added. When the numbers are added, the prediction is revealed and to the audience's amazement, is spot on correct!
Very easy to do, does not require special mathematical skills and can be done anywhere & anytime, without preparation.
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