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Needle Through Balloon (and replacement balloons)

£4.50 - £15.00
  • Needle with 40 balloons: £15.00 (Out of Stock)
Only 3 left!
  • Needle & 12 Balloons supplied
  • Extra Balloons available
  • Visual Magic that can be performed anywhere

The Needle Through Balloon trick is a stunning piece of magic.

A clear balloon is inflated and secured with a knot in front of the audience. Now you take a long sharp needle (it is sharp!) to which is attached a length of ribbon. and slowly deliberately and visually, you penetrate the balloon, pull the ribbon through the balloon following the needle. The balloon is still inflated, yet when the balloon is thrown into the air, it comes down and bursts as it touches the needle.
Great, visual magic, that's easy to perform.
You can choose to purchase in the following formats:
Needle with 12 Balloons
pack of 25 replacement Balloons
Needle with 12 Balloons plus pack of 25 replacement balloons
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£4.50 - £15.00
  • Needle with 40 balloons: £15.00 (Out of Stock)
Only 3 left!