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Princess Card Trick

  • Magic that can be performed on screen or live
  • No set up required
  • Capable of various routines
  • Easy to do

Note from Martin:

These are perfectly printed on Bicycle Cards and come with ideas and routines for a number of tricks. Here's just one of the other tricks, Four Queens are placed inside an envelope, the magician claims that one is reversed and that it is second from the top. Any Queen is named by a spectator, the cards are removed and the named Queen is seen to be second from the top, face up. Magician explains that this is a one in four chance and now repeats with another (or may be the same) Queen. The cards are replaced and the envelope placed in full view, again the named Queen is seen to be reversed as stated. You now claim it was a one in sixteen chance of getting it correct twice, how about a third time. ;You repeat again, once more you're proved correct. Can be repeated as often as you like, enhancing the effect each repeated time.A small fan of cards is displayed, the spectator is merely asked to think of any one of them. The spectator tells no one, yet the magician removes one card from the fan to prove that the spectator's mind was read. The card is replaced and the trick ready to perform on someone else or even a number of spectators at one time. 
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