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Rising Cards (Bicycle)

  • Red Back (Out of Stock)
  • Visual Card Magic
  • No preparation required
  • Cards rise without touching the pack
  • No angle restrictions, no reset required

Note from Martin:

With basic handling skills, the performer can present a mysterious card routine. The pack is totally self contained to make any number of cards rise individually. Using the Devano principle, this is a well made version and treated with care, will gives years of service. Supplied as the special pack with instructions or with a superb booklet showing 25 Rising Card routines using the pack. Now a classic in magic, a typical routine is to have three cards selected and returned to the pack. Now the magician holds the pack and slowly one of the selected cards rises from its centre. The pack is placed inside the box, yet the second selected card rises mysteriously out of the pack. For the final card, the pack is put into a glass and the glass placed on a table, yet without touching - the third card magically rises from the centre of the pack. This has to be the most practical of all 'Rising Card' effects. The pack is totally self contained, the gimmick (a version using the original Devano principle) is only a section, allowing the performer to shuffle the cards. Made using Bicycle Cards with either red or blue back.
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