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Spot The Dog

  • A fun packed routine that works for both young & adult audiences
  • Minimal set up required
  • Easy to do

Note from Martin:

This trick was regularly used by the great magical entertainer, Tommy Cooper. Watch the video to see his performance of it. A great routine that plays equally in kids or adults shows, invented by one of my favourite creators, Billy Day.  This is featured in the acts of some of the world's best comedy magicians.
The performer displays a simple cloth bag with spots printed onto it. Also displayed are two handkerchiefs, one black & one white, then the fun starts... The bag is shown inside out to show it's black on the inside and there's nothing hidden, the scarves are placed into the bag with the claim that they're going to change colour. Indeed they do, the white one is now black, the black is now white. Your audience are not convinced, so you now claim to repeat the trick, but this time they're going to be covered in spots. The scarves go into the bag and a magic word announced, both scarves are removed as the magician now points out that they are in fact, covered in spots. The white one is covered in white spots, the black one is covered in black spots. The audience are once again unimpressed! Not to worry, you are now going to transform them into spots of the opposite colours. Once again they go into the bag and given a little magic influence. This time both scarves are covered in spots of the opposite colour, claiming to count the spots, it seems there's one missing...Where's that missing spot, turn the bag inside out and there it is...it's 'Spot The Dog' as the bag becomes a glove puppet with a cute dog face on it.
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