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Marconick Lecture (Streamed Video)

  • A lecture packed with practical tricks
  • Marconick was known for his creative magic
  • Ideas for all magicians
  • Over 20 tricks that you can easily do

Note from Martin:

These are Martin's notes...

This lecture was recorded in December 1994. Earlier that year, Marconick was given the 'Fred Kaps Award' by the Dutch IBM, and watching his creative ideas that are packed into this 50 minute lecture it's easy to understand why.

Contents include:

Dice Stacking: Marconick begins his marathon lecture with a simple routine, proceeding to explain how anyone can do Dice Stacking if they use his method.

Money Change: A banknote changes into the chosen card

Pegged Sandwich: The middle one of three cards changes into a previously chosen card. Sounds simple, except all three cards are clasped in a clothes peg and only three cards are used.

Spoon & Fork Transposition: As the title says, they change places and it's ideal for restaurant magic

Gaffed Card: A simple to make Gaffed Card, you'll make it in seconds and Marconick shows many uses of it.

Spread Riser: Chosen card rises out of the card spread

Card Through Card Box: The chosen card penetrates the card box

Heads Up: Stick a coin on your forehead, but the spectators get a surprise when they try

Silk Blow: Colour change silk routine using only a rolled up paper tube and silks. Any silk is pushed inside the rolled up tube, blow through and it changes colour. Can be repeated continuously with as many silks and colours as required. Great thinking and simplicity, key features in Marconick's magic.

Changing Card: Selected card appears at the front of a pack held inside a stemmed glass

Continuous Cigarette Production: As long our short a routine as you want, Cigarettes are produced from a Handkerchief. Marconick shows how this method can be used for Cards, Coins or any similar sized objects

Water Bowls: An impromptu water production. Using ordinary ice cream/sundae dishes, Marconick continuously produces water from them - Two ordinary dishes, some water and no set up

Ring & String: A ring on/off string routine

Pop Hop Wands: Two magic wands in two bottles, push one down the other rises, continues until one flies out of the bottle

Chink-A-Chink Balls: A simple routine where rubber balls change places and gather under the hands

3 - 1 Rope: Three ropes join into one long piece, can then be used in other rope routines

Marconick's Misled: A pencil through borrowed note effect that's always ready to perform using a simple idea

Okito Beaker: Easy to make special beaker that enables continuous cigarette production

3 - Card Riser: Another straight forward gimmick, that causes three chosen cards to rise out of the deck

Filter Tipped: A cigarette filter instantly jumps end to end of the cigarette, continuously repeated

3 Spectators, 2 Cards: Two chosen cards are found by a third spectator

All is packed into a 50 minute lecture that he finishes with a novel balloon blowing challenge. 

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  1. Marconick Lecture

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