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Mental Magic & Mind Reading for Beginners - by David Jones (Streamed Video)

  • Introduction to Mentalism DVD
  • Ideal first step into this popular type of magic
  • Predictions, Psychological Tests, Thought Reading, Metal Bending & so much more

Note from Martin:

These are Martin's notes...
Ideal for those wanting to get started in the Mind Reading & Mentalism brand of Magic. Being considered the most baffling form of magic, Mentalism has become extremely popular in recent years.
The excellent magician, Derren Brown, brought Mentalism into the public's eye in recent years, and this is the ideal lesson to you get started.
Aimed at the total beginner, it teaches the real secrets and important methods used by the mentalist. Everything is shown step by step, with some of the most stunning effects you'll ever see, and yet, it's all learnable in a relatively short time without too much effort.
This lesson is packed with contents, starting with his introduction and theory on Mentalism, Dave Jones continues by showing and explaining the following effects:-
Loose Change
Thought Transfer
Number Test
Psychological Tests
Mental Test
Thought Reading
Multi Person Mind Reading
Double Coincidence
Banknote Reading
Triple Prediction
First Born
Spoon & Key Bending
Stop Watch
Back In Time
With a duration of over 90 minutes, this is the ideal first step into becoming a Mind Reading Magician!

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  1. David Jones Beginners Mental Magic

Media Type Digital Lesson

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