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Swami Gimmick - Boon - Thumb Writers

£6.50 - £17.00
  • A most versatile mentalist's accessory
  • Various types make writing easy
  • Miracle predictions or outs

There are many types of writer available, we stock a few of them.

The Swami (Nail Writer) is the most common and these are supplied in a pack of 4 with a booklet of ideas and uses.
The Boon (invented by Eric Mason) is another common writer, it adheres to the pad of the thumb and is easily hidden.
The Bug writer is a slightly larger version of the Boon (giving more grip to the thumb).
The Thumb Tip Writer is the top part of a thumb tip with a writer embedded into it.
The Band writer is as the title states, a small band has a writer connected to it, the band is pushed onto the tip of the thumb where it is held tight in place, this is relatively easy to use and hide.
The Boon, Bug & Thumb tip types come with either pencil lead or grease writers
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£6.50 - £17.00