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Stephen Tucker 2nd Lecture (Streamed Video)

  • Simple ideas, Great effects
  • Commercial Close Up Magic that you'll use
  • Novel Routines, Baffling Magic
  • Ropes, Coins, Sponge Balls & other simple objects

Note from Martin:

These are Martin's notes...


Stephen Tucker is known for his commercial magic, during the 1980s & 90s he was a prolific performer, lecturer and creator of magic. He takes simple methods and uses them to make powerful effects. This lecture was recorded at the MacMillan Magic Convention in November 1991, and includes practical Magic routines, honed and ready to use in the real world.

Contents include:-

Penny For Your Thoughts - A simple to do card prediction involving a coin and a freely chosen spectator's number

Coins Through Table - As you'd expect from Stephen, simple to perform, only 4 coins used, yet one by one they penetrate the table

Miracle Aces - Spectator cuts the cards into four piles, finding all 4 Aces in doing so, super easy to do

Impromptu Rising Card - A borrowed pack and a named card, yet the named card rises from the pack inside the box

Torn & Restored Prediction - A novel prediction of two chosen cards, with a partial T&R takes place during the routine

Bell Of The Ball - A one cup & ball routine using a Bell & its Clanger. Great thinking, using a simply purchased bell, Stephen shows a superbly practical & novel Cup & Ball routine

Knotty Ropes - Knots multiply on two ropes, then the ropes become one, then a novel finish that leaves you ready to perform again without any set-up

The Amazing 4 Ace Trick - Four cards are placed face down, any Ace is named, the cards are spread and the face up card is the named Ace, it's then turned over and shown to have a different coloured back, the other cards are then revealed to be completely blank, all is left for examination. A  clever piece of thinking makes this so effective, yet simple to perform.

Optical Coin Production - Visual production of a coin from an old optical iluusion

Slimer - Using the Elmsley Count, Stephen shows a novel jumbo card effect using picture cards

Double Card Revelation - Coins are given to two spectators, each take a random amount and choose a card according to their total, both are correctly predicted. Simplicity again, baffling again.

Radio Sponges - Commercial magic at its best, a simple sponge ball routine, becomes extra effective with the clever addition of music. The music starts and stops as the balls are produced and vanished.

An excellent lecture of practical magic that you'll enjoy performing.

Duration approximately 49 minutes


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