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Bernard Bilis Lecture (Streamed Video)

  • Expert Card Magic, by a Card Magic Expert
  • Spectator Cuts The Aces
  • Open Travellers
  • Card To Wallet, Plus
  • Red/Black Sandwich
  • & many other routines & moves
Bernard Bilis, one of the world's leading card magicians, recorded this lecture at the MacMillan Magic Convention, London in 1995. 
In watching this lecture, you can feel the effect it's having on the audience, their questions on intricacies allow Bernard to go into detail. The moves are repeated from different angles, enabling the audience to fully understand. 
Bernard is not just a great technician though, he's a performer too! He understands what makes a magic trick work. Study this lecture and you can learn the perfect techniques, but most importantly, study this lecture and learn the deployment of the moves. Everything is performed in a natural manner, it looks simple, but there's lots of thought gone into every routine. 
Pair-A-Noid:- A spectator freely cuts off a pile of cards, freely chooses one card from the pile and returns it to the remainder of the pack. The pack is spread and the chosen card is now sandwiched between two face up cards. That's an effect in itself, but when the values of the two sandwich cards are added, the total equals the number of cards the spectator has cut off, a total not even the spectator previously knew. What's more, the effect is instantly repeated!
Spectator Cuts The Aces:- How clean is this! Four piles, cut by a spectator, the top card of each pile is removed, They're the 4 Aces.
Open Travellers:- A super version of this classic in magic. An ideal follow up to the previous routine. Aces travel invisibly, one by one onto the table. Lots of Bernard's touches perfect the routine.
The Joker Locator:- Using a simple gimmick (that you probably own). A Joker is freely inserted by a spectator, face up into a face down pack. Without any false moves whatsoever, it's shown to have located two previously selected cards.
Wild Card:- Bernard's version of this Peter Kane classic of magic, using no fake cards. One by one, random cards change into the wild card, very clean and very visual.
Card To Wallet, Plus:- Three cards, one selected and signed, one simply peeked and a third merely thought of, are located in three magical ways. The signed card actually appearing inside a wallet that's been in full view throughout the routine (requires a Horowitz or Himber style wallet).
Predict - A - Pair:- A beautiful prediction of a freely stopped at card, with a duplicate of it inside an envelope. Such clever thinking!
Production of a Chosen Card:- It's touches like this that make Bernard Bilis the expert magician he is. A selected card appears in the magician's empty hand, pure magic!
Red/Black Sandwich:- The pack is split into two piles, Reds & Blacks. Any card selected from one half, instantly vanishes and appears in the other.
So much magic, so many tips and all by a real card expert. Ideal for those who are at an intermediate level, and want to take their card magic up a step.
Duration approximately 1 hour.

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  1. Bernard Bilis

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