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Jeff Sheridan Lecture (Streamed Video)

  • The Creative Ideas of Jeff Sheridan
  • Ultra Clean Cut & Restored String
  • An Incredible Moving Knot
  • Super Simple Triumph Routine

Note from Martin:

These are Martin's notes...

The lecture Jeff Sheridan gave for magicians at the 2002 MacMillan Convention in London, recorded in full and now available.

With a gentle charm, Jeff gives us an insight into his creative thinking by performing extremely baffling mysteries, and explaining them with a simplicity that you'll use right away. He finishes the lecture with great detail of the construction of his revolutionary 'Street Act'; the character, the tricks, the why & why not, it's all there in a lecture that runs for nearly 80 minutes.

In the months that followed Jeff's lecture, he returned to London and while here, offered us the chance to arrange a small group of magicians to watch him present his 'Street Act'. This we did, and in a small venue near our shop, we recorded Jeff presenting his act in full, and included it at the end of his lecture. In full, in silence, in character.

Included in the lecture...

Cut & Restored String - As perfect a method as you'll ever see.

Moving Knot - Again using string. It's cut, it's tied. Then the knot is moved and the cord is undone in the new position, pure magic.

Card Through Cord - A clever penetration of a selected card on & off a cord, with variations.

Wild Card Deck - The classic 'Wild Card' but in Jeff's version he uses the entire deck.

2nd Sight Deck - Jeff's take on the 'Peek Deck', this version allowing for a clever '3 card prediction'.

Beyond Triumph - A super simple version of Triumph that you'll love to use.

Silk Through Silk - A brilliant silk penetration where the spectator pulls it through.

Jeff then goes on to show his presentation for the 'Geneva Prediction Watch', and follows by taking questions on his 'Street Act'; experiences, development & character building.

The lecture is followed by additional footage of Jeff presenting the 'Street Act', recorded at a separate venue, with a small audience of magicians.

Total running time approx 90 minutes


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Customer Reviews

  • 5 Stars

    If you’re reading this, get this lecture! I’m a big fan of Jeff Sheridan so I was very excited to come across this lecture. He presents some magic with string and rope as well as a handful of routines using an old principle but bringing it new life. One of my favorite routines is Shoe-laced which is taught here. Following the lecture was a Q&A and a separate video of his Street Act which is worth the price alone. He is truly a master at what he does and this is a rare look into an intimate lecture and performance.

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