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Pom Pom Prayer Stick - Louis Histed

  • Colourful visual magic
  • Perform for any audience
  • Easy to do

Note from Martin:

Often compared with the famous Chinese Sticks, this catches out those who think they know the method. It's extremely visual magic and works for both Children & Adult audiences. A comical trick, that'll confuse, baffle, amaze and entertain all. Invented by creative magician Louis Histed and made popular by Ali Bongo, this has since become a magic classic. A brilliant and hilarious effect guaranteed to bring a smile to their faces and ideal for all ages.
Various coloured Pom Poms are shown to be connected in a very mysterious way, yet just when the audience think they have an idea how it works, the magician pulls the rod apart showing the middle to be empty. On putting it back together, the magician continues with the trick. Amazing and hilarious, a reputation maker.
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