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Topsy Turvey Bottles

  • Fun to perform, participation magic
  • Resets instantly to perform again
  • Routine can be lengthened or shortened
  • Easy to do

Note from Martin:

Superb entertainment for both children or adults, this is a trick they'll remember for years to come. An excellent and entertaining effect using two cylinders, two bottles and a lot of audience participation.
A bottle & a tube are each chosen by a spectator and the magician. The idea is that the spectator is to copy the magician in everything - That's where the fun starts, the bottles go into the tubes, the tubes are turned over and back, no matter how closely the spectator follows the magician's movements, the outcome is never the same. The bottles are exchanged, but the spectator is still unable to copy the magician. To finish, the magician magically makes the bottle turn over in the tube to match that of the spectator's.
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Customer Reviews

  • 4 Stars

    Such a cool routine. It gets someone following your every instruction yet to fail. Lots of byplay can be had . It’s great both for kids and adults. I love it.

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