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Ridiculous - David Williamson 4 DVD set

  • The Professional Show
  • Card Work
  • Non Card Work
  • The real secrets behind David's Magic

David Williamson has long been one of our favorite magicians - he's performed and lectured many times at our annual London Magic Convention and always been a huge hit. We're delighted to be stocking this DVD set of 4 DVDs that show David at his very best.

Disc 1 - The Professional Show, features the classic Williamson routines that we've watched and enjoyed time and time again. All fully explained with detail, advice and tips.
Disc 2 - Card Work. David constructs his card routines to be both entertaining and baffling, here he explains some of his favorites, includes - 'He Who Spelt It, Dealt It' - 'Roger Smith's Texas Trick' - 'Terry Hampton's Sleeve Aces' - 'Fortes' Springing The Aces' - 'Cocktail Dazzler' - 'Interlace Swindle' and many other great card routines.
Disc 3 - Non Card Work. ;Classic Close Up Magic that's given the Williamson treatment, includes... 'Gypsy Thread' - 'Wishing Well' - 'Floating Matrix' - 'Chink-a-Chink' - 'Coin in Bottle' and many others, all performed and explained plenty of tips & touches.
Disc 4 - Moves & Confessions. The real secrets behind David's card magic. Here you'll get the in-depth detail, touches & tips on the hidden sleights that work his magic. ;Plus confessions - where David reveals what it means and how to be the very best magician.
Total running time - 10 hours.
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