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Cards At Many Numbers

  • Self working
  • Numbers given in spectator's chosen order (120 combinations)
  • Full pack of cards, displayed in a random order
  • No outs
  • Prediction always correct
  • 3 individual routines

A complete sell out at the 2023  Blackpool Magic Convention
Now available once again

A twist on the popular Card At Any Number magic plot, Cards At Many Numbers is a baffling five card prediction that you'll love performing.


The magician clearly displays a pack of cards to be in a completely random order, then hands a spectator five different numbers. 'These,' the magician claims, 'are my lucky numbers', and proceeds to explain that cards will be dealt from the pack to the positions of each lucky number in an order chosen by the spectator. In explaining this, it's pointed out that there are 120 different combinations of the five numbers, and if the combination is even slightly changed, the located cards would be completely different.

The procedure is followed and the dealt to cards dealt are put aside. The remaining pack is again shown to be random, and the located cards turned over. At this point a prediction is removed from an envelope, and the five dealt to cards are shown to have been perfectly predicted by the magician.

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Only one prediction used. No outs. Easy to do. Works with various sets of numbers


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