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Christian Chelman Lecture DVD

  • Hofzinser Cull
  • Ace location
  • Card to wallet
On this DVD, Belgian magic expert 'Christian Chelman' goes into great detail on what he calls the 'Blitz Move' (based on the Hofzinser Cull). He demonstrates the vast number of card effects that are possible using this one simple move.
Christian begins by performing the routines. When he then explains them, it seems incredible that they are all brought about by the use of one simple move. He teaches both the move and the routines. Here you have the opportunity to learn from a master, how to make incredibly baffling magic with simple moves.
Here's an example of what you'll learn:
Four Aces, clearly lost in the deck, are immediately located.
A selected card and its three mates rise to the top of a deck, but the deck was previously shuffled by a spectator.
Two Jokers trap a selected card, then they change into two other selections.
An incredibly clean card to wallet
Plus immediate palming of selected cards, second from top palms, card forces, colour change, single card switches, multiple card switches. It's all here, ready for you to watch, enjoy and learn!
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