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Impuzzibilities - A series of books by Jim Steinmeyer

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  • A series of books concentrating on mathematical effects
  • Clever methods creating powerful effects
  • All easy to do

The Impuzzibilities series of books are written by Jim Steinmeyer. Each book contains a collection of magic tricks that are both clever & simple - Clever in method, Simple to perform! He creatively hides mathematical principles within the routines, the result is impressive magic that completely baffles the audience. 

Bewildering Impuzzibilities: The 10th book in this excellent series is a collection of 11 tricks, some ideal for virtual and some for live situations.
Here are some of the contents of Bewildering Impuzzibilities:-

Ovations is a hands-off prediction using four printed card. You won't believe that this sort of prediction is even possible. Do it for one person or one thousand people at the same time, virtually or in reality.

Traveling Companions is a baffling revelation (but it can't be a force, right?) of four cards, based on absolutely free selections.

Fastest, Neatest is a brand new principle based on an old friend, free choices decided upon by one spectator.

Will I Be Lucky? is a surprising bit of fortune telling with a packet of cards; it starts with a funny premise and ends with a whack on the side of the head... And then, seven more bewildering effects with nothing more than playing cards or pieces of cardboard.

Like all the other books in the series, the tricks are clearly presented and illustrated with helpful charts; the secrets do all the work, and the disproportionate level of amazement makes your job a pleasure. They're the books that will entertain you as much as the audience, this latest is a great addition to the series.
Impuzzibilities: The first of the series, released in 2002 
The Nine Card Problem
The Full Deck Problem
Dimes & Pennies
A Quarter to Nine
The One O'clock Mystery
The Three Mystery
The King Mystery
Understanding The Bermuda Triangle
The 'Ten Boys' Poker Deal
The Five Card Mix
Automatic Poker
Three Card Monte
30 pages paperback
Further Impuzzibilities - Contents:
The King's Coronataion
Automatic Palmistry
The Princess In A Crowd
Coins In A Strange Land
Piles Of Money
The Great Silverware Scam
The Thirteen Card Dilemma
29 pages paperback
Ensuing Impuzzibilities - Contents:
Eight Cards Espial
Seven Cards Examined
Automatic Ace Triumph
Equivoque - The Cardless Cantico
Equivoque - The Full Deck Fandango
Equivoque - The Tin Can Telephone
One Fortune Serves Eight
The Tuzo Sensu Mystery
Cue Card Mentalism
Dining Out
44 pages softback
Treacherous Impuzzibilities - Contents:
Wishing & Making It So
The Whammy
The Cowboy Secret
Hacer lo Impossible
The Zodiac Wheel
Invoking Margery
Presque Vu
The Treasure Map
Negative Speller
41 pages softback
Virtual Impuzzibilities: The ninth book of the series, released October 2020.
This book is the ninth book of the series and contains 14 tricks, the most of any so far. What's more, the tricks in Virtual Impuzzibilities, are suitable for both virtual and live performance.
A few of the routines contained in this book:-
Red-Scarlet & French Dressing - both interactive Oil & Water effects.
Virtual Applause - sorts the problem of applause in a virtual show
The Enigma Process - A word test with a surprise
40 pages, 14 tricks
These little books are incredibly popular among both professional and amateur magicians.
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