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Multiplying Juice Bottles

Only 2 left!
  • Colourful version of the Multiplying Bottles
  • Suitable for all audiences
  • Visual comedy magic

Note from Martin:

We supply two sets of 5 nesting bottles finished in bright colours with labels plus two neatly decorated metal tubes. This version of the Multiplying Bottles is suitable for all audiences and performed correctly causes both amusement and amazement. The Multiplying Bottle Trick has been used by the world's best magician in both serious and comedy presentations for many years. It's an effect that although suitable in routine, has been avoided by Children's Magicians because the bottles were always varieties of wine. However, this set uses Juice Bottles, not only that they're colourful Juice Bottles, thus allowing much more variation. 
With this colourful set, you start by performing the classic Bottle Glass routine, causing the Bottle & Glass to change places when covered by the two tubes, then you can cause a bottle to change colour - then continue to change places with the glass. You then continue to produce more bottles of various colours and finally to pour liquid from some of the bottles.
Beautifully made, you get a total of 10 bottles that nest inside two tubes (glasses are not supplied) and a written instruction. Finally a set of Multiplying Bottles that's suitable for any audience, this is a prop you'll enjoy using.
Note: These are quality bottles made from metal, not the cheaper plastic version.
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Only 2 left!