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Working With Genius - David Hemingway

  • Full of professional routines
  • Magic for the 'stand up magician'
  • Complete transcript of David's lecture included

Note from Martin:

The book is supplied with a link to a video containing over 90 minutes of routines from the book performed and explained by David in front of an audience of magicians, plus an interview of David, by Donald Bevan.
This talk alone is worth the price of the book, here for instance is what the great magician and entertainer, Paul Daniels wrote in 2014 after David sent him a DVD of the talk its release...
'A couple of days ago I received a DVD from International Magic by David Hemingway and Donald Bevan. It is called The Magic Fly on the Wall and even though the sound is a bit up and down my wife and I absolutely loved it, and believe me, that is VERY rare when watching magic stuff.
David holds nothing back and says it like it is. There are no tricks on it; it's a discussion about his long life in magic BUT if you listen and watch through the eyes of a pro there are dozens of hints and tips that all of us should be thinking about and applying to our performances and even about our magic clubs.
This is a great video and I have no financial interest in it whatsoever.'
Paul Daniels
Working With Genius, a book by David Hemingway is written in three parts.
All the remaining highly praised and award winning signature tricks from David's 'The Gingerbread Lecture' including
The Gingerbread Knot
"Wonderful simple method it's a superb effect"- Phil Willmarth, The Linking Ring
The Roadsign
David's signature trick - Developed and perfected over 40 years of performances
Ultimate Goes-Anywhere Act
A complete extra spot - written up after a lifetime's performing experience
Comedy Tear
The torn-and restored with all done before they think you've started!
Lynn Thomas' The Rose
'The finest original small magic I've seen in three decades" - D.H.
Dick Williams' Popularity Test
A gem from the man with the world record for TV magic shows weekly for 23 years!
Will Ayling's Loops
Perfection in treatment of a lady spectator, with brilliant visible magic.
And others, plus by special arrangement
The John Calvert Magazine Tear
"Sheer impossibility to describe John's masterly presentation of this great trick: a priceless lesson in showmanship and presentation."- Ken Brooke
The complete Gingerbread Lecture transcribed from live recordings made at several dates on the 48 Society tour
"High spot of the week - the best lecture seen in 30 years of attending." - British Ring Eastbourne Convention appearance
"The ability to hold an audience so that not one person left the theatre until the end"- Magic Circle Theatre, London appearance
A Short Perception of British Magic and Magicians
"Controversial it might be, thought provoking it certainly is. David writes with a casual authority borne out of many years experience. You instinctively know that he's been there, seen it and done it! Take my word, you're in safe hands!"- Paul Stone
Pages: 166 - 8.5" x 11" - Softcover- Black and white illustrations
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