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Best Of All Worlds

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  • The 'Out Of This World' trick
  • This book contains the top magicians' thoughts & methods
  • Considered by many to be the best creation of the 20th Century
  • So many versions of the classic trick by Paul Curry

Out Of This World by Paul Curry, is considered by many top magicians to be the greatest magic trick of the 20th century. This 369 page hardbound book contains in-depth writings on this classic trick. What's more, these are the writings of some of the world's best magicians. There's various routines, various handlings, plus tips & explanations. Simply find the routine that suits you best, or mix variations to make your own ideal version. Whatever you need to know about Paul Curry's Out Of This World, you'll find it here in 'Best Of All Worlds'.

Preface - Michael Weber
Foreword - Max Maven
Introduction - Brent Geris, Bob Postelnik & Duppy Demetrius
Out Of This World - Paul Curry
Paul Curry Writes - Paul Curry
Best of Possible Worlds - Paul Curry
Into This World - David Acer
Out Of This World #2000 - Allan Ackerman
Executive Decision - Jon Allen
Impromptu Out Of This Plus - Michael Ammar
Out Of This Blah Blah Blah - Jon Armstrong
Feminine Side - Ron Bauer
Out Of This Universe - Larry Becker
Out Of This World - Eugene Burger
Out Of This World and Back - Richard Busch
It's A Small World - Aldo Colombini
As The World Turns - the Re-run - Doug Conn
Out Of This Bradshaw - Doc Dixon
Out Of This World - Steve Draun
Worlds Apart - Peter Duffie
Out Of This World - Doc Eason
Underworld - Alex Elmsley
Even Money Proposition - Karl Fulves
Color Thot - Martin Gardner
Magnetic Colors - Norman Gilbreath
Intuition - Roberto Giobbi
Nu Way Out Of This World - U.F. Grant
Out Of This Water - Helder Guimaraes
Difference Maker - J K Hartman
World Class - J K Hartman
Impromptu Card Code - Whit Haydn
Out Of This World - Joshua Jay
Out Of T(his) World - Luke Jermay
Direct Impact - Kenton Knepper
Impromptu Out Of This World - Harry Lorayne
Out Of This Universe - Harry Lorayne
Out Of This World Handling - Ed Marlo
Out Of Sight - Tom Ogden
Netherworld - Gary Oullet
Future Shock - Jack Parker
Hustler's World - Tony Picasso
Out Of This Borough - David Regal
When Worlds Collide - Barrie Richardson
Confession - Jay Sankey
Hemisphere Mike Sibbernsen
Into The Next World - Jim Steinmeyer
Out Of This World - James Swain
Escorial 76 - Juan Tamariz
Un-Triumphed - Steve Valentine
Prediction Out Of This World - J.C. Wagner
Taking The World By Storm - Gregory Wilson
Out Of This World - Mark Wilson
Way Out Of This World - Ron Wilson
Out Of This Wilson - R Paul Wilson
Impromptu Out Of This World - Herb Zarrow
Plus Interviews, Essays, Odds & Statistics - it's all here, everything you wanted to know about the trick that Dai Vernon called 'The Card Trick Of The Century'
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