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Beyond Brainwave

  • Any card is named
  • It's the only face card showing in a Blue Backed Deck
  • It's removed and shown to have a Red Back
  • The pack is shown to be entirely blank on its face
  • Named card and pack are fully shown back & front
  • Only one pack is used
  • No equivoque, No thin cards, Printed on Bicycle stock

Note from Martin:

These are Martin's notes...

This is a new twist on the Brainwave/Invisible deck and has caused great reaction on its showing in our London shop. Here's a typical presentation...

A blue backed pack is placed on display while a spectator is asked to name a card (no force, no elimination). The pack is removed and the cards spread, the named card is reversed. The card is removed, turned over and shown to have a red back. Until now, everything seems similar for those familiar with the Brainwave deck. But here's where things change, the deck is turned over and freely shown to be entirely blank, the only printed card is the spectator's named one!

The pack is freely shown both sides. The named card is entirely and individually shown back and front. There's No Force, No Thin cards, Only one pack is used. (printed on Bicycle stock with the Rider back). Supplied with special pack, printed instruction & video tuition.

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  • 5 Stars

    Genius trick great reactions

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