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E.S.P - Extra Sensory Perception

  • Looks like True Mind Reading
  • ESP cards supplied are printed by USPCC on Bicycle stock
  • Various routines
  • Easy to do

Note from Martin:

We supply both sets of cards plus a special something, with full detailed instruction enabling you to perform this little miracle with ease. One of the cleanest and most baffling pieces of Mentalism you'll ever see or use. An extremely baffling piece of magic that leaves the impression that you can really read someone's mind.
Two sets of ESP cards are freely shown, one has red symbols, the other black. The spectator is given a free choice of either set and the chosen set handed to them. You now both mix your sets and the magician requests that the spectator merely thinks of one of the symbols. After some concentration, the magician places face down onto the table, one card. The spectator is now instructed to do likewise with their chosen symbol card. This is repeated through all five cards, each time the magician placing the prediction card ahead of the spectator, until their are two piles of cards. You each pick up your stack of cards and magician first, followed by spectator, each turn over their top card. These are seen to match. The next card turned up, it also matches. This is continued with all five cards matching. A neat little miracle you can carry around and perform anytime.
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