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Dominic Twose Lecture DVD

  • Contains tricks & explanation from the popular Impromptu Secrets book
  • A full interview about Fred Robinson (Dominic's mentor & teacher)
  • A superb accompaniment to Dominic's book

Note from Martin:

For those who already have the 'Impromptu Secrets Book' by Dominic,  here's a great opportunity to see him presenting and explaining his magic. For those who don't already have the book, then you now have the opportunity to purchase either one, or both together.
Since its release, both Dominic's Book & DVD have been top sellers when shown in our Magic Shop in London. 
The DVD contains a live recording of Dominic's lecture presented in London, in 2019. Added to the lecture is a separate recording made a few weeks later, here Dominic talks in detail about one of magic's greats, his friend and mentor, Fred Robinson. In this DVD, Dominic Twose presents some of his favourite card tricks from his book 'Impromptu Secrets', along with others that were not included in the book. This is more than just a display of excellent card magic though. Dominic goes into great detail with the explanations, includes tips on moves and finishes the lecture with his previously unpublished 'Cups & Balls' routine.
What's more - after the lecture was recorded, Dominic returned to London for a private interview about his teacher & mentor, Fred Robinson. Dominic gives a great insight into Fred's character, describing how by chance, he first met him. Then how Fred amazed him, baffled & impressed him. He then proceeds to talk about and demonstrate some of Fred's thinking on both moves & misdirection. Here we have a rare opportunity for an insight into the mind of one of Magic's Greatest Thinkers, Fred Robinson.
Routines included:-
All Backs
The Warwick Prediction
DAB Cards
Dunbury Delusion
Elusive 2nd Deal
3-Card Monte
Ace Assembly
The Trick That Cannot Be Named
Spectator Cuts The Aces
Ectoplasmic Aces
Cups & Balls
Afterthoughts - Meeting Fred Robinson
The tricks listed are all explained, along with practical tips & excellent detail on many moves including Riffle Force, Second Deal, Bottom Palm, Peek among many others.
Duration approximately 100 minutes
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