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Aldo Colombini 2nd Lecture DVD

  • Material for everyone
  • Powerful Magic
  • A collection of Card, Rope & Rubber Band Magic
  • Easy to do

Aldo Colombini was a prolific lecturer and creator of magic. He traveled the world, lecturing and performing at Magic Conventions and was always in constant demand.

There are many reasons why he was so popular - some think it was his performance style, others say his versatility. They're both correct, but if I were to choose one single reason, I'd say it was his creativeness!
This lecture, recorded on one of his many trips to London, contains practical magic that you'll use, he keeps things simple but with powerful effects. He explains them clearly adding many tips along the way.
As an attest to the quality of the magic in this lecture, at the finish the audience of magicians refuse to let him go, holding him there until even Aldo runs out of energy & material!
Contents include:-
Linking Bands: Aldo's improvements to an old Linking Rubber Band routine.
Band & Card Penetration: Knowing the popularity of Rubber Band Magic, Aldo shows a practical Rubber Band penetration of a playing card.
The Alamo: A super reversed card prediction of an ultra clean selected card.
Four Ace Production & Coin Matrix: The 4 Aces are neatly produced, but that's only the start of the routine. It's followed with a Coin Matrix that you'll want to perform right away, then there's the kicker finish!
Never Ending Story: A Red/Black separation using only 20 cards from a shuffled deck. This is so clean, subtle and simple, you'll be using it right away!
Card In Case Transposition: A freely selected card changes places with another card previously placed inside the card box.
The Pyramid Effect: Using a rubber band around the pack, Aldo lets the pack find the chosen card in an entertaining way.
Splitting The Power Of Concentration: A set of cards that are cut down the middle, a card freely chosen from one half, matches a card in the other half in a most unusual and impossible way. Then there's a kicker finish that leaves them stunned! (Aldo uses Jumbo Cards for this as it works great for a larger audience, you can use Jumbo or Regular size cards without losing any effect).
Super Swindle: Great use as a follow up to 'Splitting The Power' or on its own anytime. Using the 'Swindle of Sorts' principle by Paul Curry, Aldo builds a routine that's so clever, you'll amaze yourself while you're fooling your audience.
Cut & Restored Rope: This is a full Rope Routine that you can perform to the smallest or largest audience. It has various Cut & Restored effects and includes a version of The Professor's Nightmare finishing with a restoration back to the one piece of rope! That's right, one piece, he begins and finishes with only one piece that can be left with the audience if desired.
Ace Down: A routine using 4 Aces, a great transposition of a selected card and its matching suit Ace.
Ace Bomber: Entertainment & simplicity, Aldo makes the pack into the shape of an Airplane and then finds the chosen card in a most novel way.
A great lecture, full of practical magic much of which you'll use right away.
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