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Cold Reading, Palmistry, Tarot Cards and Tarot Reading For Entertainment - Mark Lewis

  • These lessons are the perfect way to learn Cold Reading Techniques & The Tarot
  • Expert Magician & Phsychic knowledge covers all you'll need to know
  • There's no substitute for experience, these DVDs are full of experience

Note from Martin:

Mark Lewis has made a good living out of reading the Tarot, he has spent many years developing this talent and finally reveals all on these DVDs. A must for anyone with an interest in the Tarot & Cold Reading
The Tarot Reading DVD is for serious readers only and aimed at those who wish to learn in depth about the mysterious world of 'The Tarot'. The techniques revealed by Mark Lewis are the result of his many years of experience. Mark has given readings to thousands of people all over the world and is considered a leading expert in this field. His guidance will help you to do readings in a sympathetic and ethical way.
Tarot cards are also required, we recommend the "Rider-Waite Tarot Deck"
Mark Lewis began his fascination with magic while living in London in his early teenage years. That's now more than 60 years ago. During those years, he's built a huge knowledge on magic in general, but finding his real attraction towards the Psychic and Mentalism side of the things, he naturally progressed in that direction.
In 1987, having moved to Ireland, Mark Lewis began giving Psychic Readings. He soon became a household name and was in huge demand from all forms of media.
Since then, he's continued his life as both a Magician, Mentalist & Psychic Reader, combining all for entertainment. He's now recognised as a world authority on this subject.
Having known Mark since his early days of living in London and performing Magic, we persuaded him to return to London and give these lectures on the subjects of Cold Reading & The Tarot. They're available now on these two DVDs, the first disc covers the subject of Cold Reading & Palmistry, the second goes into detail on The Tarot.
Cold Reading & Palmistry DVD
Stock Readings:- Mark explains the way to get started on readings, he gives examples and they're included on the disc for you to print & use yourself.
Chinese Numerology:- Taking the next step, is to use the Chinese Numerology, a simple system to build your confidence. But as Mark explains, using this system for readings as an addition to y our magic performance, is a great way to increase bookings.
Life Path Numbers:- Taking you through the progression, Mark continues to show how to get and use these.
Psychometry:- Explaining this is something often used, Mark shows how useful it can be to the reader and takes us through a simple method.
Palmistry:- A complete lesson in Palm Reading, it includes demonstrations plus explanation of the necessary meanings and even includes a short lesson on muscle reading.
This subject that can be difficult to study, but Mark makes light work of it. His natural humorous personality makes it a joy to watch, while his knowledge and experience are invaluable.
Duration 2 hours.
Tarot Reading For Entertainment DVD
This DVD was recorded on the second day of Mark's London Lectures and covers full detail on the serious subject of 'The Tarot'
The Tarot cards are the most powerful divination known to man. If you wish to tap into their power and use it in a streetwise manner, then this is the DVD for you. Two hours of astonishing insight and detail by one of the world's leading psychics. This is far removed from the usual cold reading techniques that magicians often read about in books on the subject and is indeed a genuine method of divination.
We recommend and stock the 'Rider Waite' Tarot Cards, these can be purchased on their own or with the DVDs - these are 'The Original Rider Waite Tarot Deck'. You can purchase the DVDs individually or with the Rider Waite Tarot Cards.
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