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Jim Cellini Lecture DVD

  • A must for all street workers
  • Both entertaining & informative
  • Anecdotes & Magic
  • Considered by many as 'The Best Street Magician'

Note from Martin:

A full lecture by Jim Cellini, considered by many as the all time greatest of street magicians, presented to an audience of magicians.
In this lecture, you have the opportunity to get first hand knowledge from the man who's been there and done it.
He shows the tricks he used, the gags that endeared him to his audience and the style that captured them. All presented with a charm and performance that earned him a worldwide reputation as the Greatest Street Magician, Ever.
Here is your opportunity to watch an 80 minute DVD of Jim Cellini. It's not just an incredible performance, it's also a fantastic learning opportunity. For, during his lecture, Jim teaches many of his tricks, along with endless tips acquired from his vast experience.
Jim begins the lecture by talking about the philosophy of Street Magic. How to start your routine, how to hold the audience and how to finish. 'The Big Three' he calls it, 'Stop Them, Make Them Stay, Make Them Pay'. He talks about the construction of the show, how to deal with interruptions, how, why and when to use humour! And it's all done with charm and feeling, a charm that the audience love, a feeling that leaves you thinking you've known him your entire life.
Contents include:
Vanishing Hanky:- Jim uses this simple Hanky Vanish to demonstrate two things. How to start a routine and how to get your audience. He deliberately performs it twice, and although both times are exactly the same magically. One is in character, the other is not, a proper demonstration in how to 'stop them'
Flip Stick:- Giving the reasons, he shows why the Flip Stick, or similar tricks are ideal to begin your routine.
Ball Production & Vanish:- As Jim explains, there are varied circumstances a Street Performer finds themselves in, so you have to vary your magic accordingly. This simple Production and Vanish of a Billiard Ball not only looks great! It's easy to do and he even includes an impromptu Coin Production.
The Street Outfit:- A full explanation of how to design and build your outfit. This is invaluable information given by someone who's been there and done it!
Miser's Dream:- Jim talks about the bucket and how to use it. He then shows and teaches a practical version that does not need loads and can even be performed impromptu.
Dr. Sawa's Slot Machine:- Again, avoiding the sleights, Jim shows how he simplified this great routine.
Handkerchief And Coins:- Four Coins placed into the centre of a Handkerchief, are cleanly vanished, then re-appear one by one.
Coins Across:- Jim's version is straight forward and practical, a routine he created to work close-up in restaurants, when there's a lack of space to perform.
Coins In Glass:- A simple gimmick, Jim explains how you can make this to perform a beautiful Coins In Glass routine.
Vanishing Glass:- A great gimmick he designed to vanish a whisky glass under a handkerchief.
Slydini's Sugar Express:- This is something you'll use in impromptu situations. He was taught this routine by his mentor, Slydini. But in Jim's version, he uses only one regular sachet to vanish and re-produce the sugar from.
Colour Changes and Other Card Manipulations:- Explaining how to use Card Magic as a Street Performer, Jim displays some excellent colour changes and manipulations.
Ambitious Card:- Following from the Card Manips, Jim goes on to show why this and the Homing Card are workable routines for the Street Magician.
Everywhere & Nowhere:- Finishing the card magic, he points out that he's not a card magician as such, he then shows an easy method for the classic routine.
Linking Rings:- Not a routine as such, Jim simply shows some of the moves he created for cleanly displaying the key, along with nice touches about the linking/un-linking moments.
Cigarette Magic:- Productions of cigarettes and smoke, very magical.
Slydini's Knotted Silks:- A performance of one of Jim's favourite Slydini routines that was taught to him by the master magician.
Cups & Balls:- He closes the lecture with the routine he used to close his shows. Proper Street Magic, a brilliant Cups & Balls performance.
Jim Cellini presented this lecture to a packed audience of magicians at the MacMillan Magic Convention in December 1997. Fortunately for modern day magicians, the entire lecture was recorded and is available here on DVD.
Duration approximately 80 mins
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