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Ray Kosby Lecture DVD

  • Advanced Card Magic
  • Smudge
  • Colour Change
  • Jack In The Box
  • Raise Rise

Not a DVD for beginners, I say that because Ray Kosby is known for his incredible card handling. But it's not only incredibly difficult, it's also incredibly amazing. Here you have a chance to watch Ray amaze an audience of magicians, then you have the challenge of learning for yourself.

Included on this recording are the following...
'Smudge' - A super entertaining routine, that uses the card box as a hoover to visibly remove the pips from a playing card.
'Colour Change' - A Twisting The Aces variation with a kicker finish.
'Unequal Bands' - What a great variation of the classic rope trick
'Jack In The Box' - A signed card vanishes from outside, to appear inside the card case.
'Raise Rise' - Probably his most famous effect, it also looks totally impossible. An Ambitious Card routine with a difference. In this, the ambitious card is left protruding and slowly rises up through the pack while remaining in sight! It looks impossible, it is incredible!
All this plus there's an 'Oil & Water' routine, 'The Backward Card Trick', a 'Bare Hand Matrix' and 'Coin Through Hand'.
Great magic, fully explained in this 80 minute recording.
Note: not everything is difficult, he throws in a couple of easier gems, one thing for sure though, you'll watch this again and again!
This DVD is recorded by and available exclusively from our Magic Shop in London.
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