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Curry & Chips

  • Easy To Do
  • No Reset
  • Comical Gambling Routine
A baffling trick that's easy to perform, fits into a pocket and is ready to use anytime anywhere without preparation.
Using six Poker Chips (each a different colour), an instruction card and a small mat. The mat has letters A - F printed on it, each marking a circled position. The spectator is handed the Poker Chips and instructed to place them on the circles in a random order. This done, both magician and spectator read the printed instruction sheet, and follow its directions. During a novel process of elimination, the spectator hands the magician individual Poker Chips - when turned over, each chip has a value in £s printed on it. The final instruction reads for the spectator to turn over the remaining chip and claim their prize. Alas, when revealed, the final Poker Chip has only a value of Zero pounds!
A self working trick that has novelty value, is baffling and what's more, is fun to perform. You're supplied with the Poker Chips, the Mat, the Instruction card & you're ready to perform right away. Plus, as there's no set up, you're ready to go again as soon as you've finished.
Now available with either Pound (£) or Dollar ($) signs printed on the prize side of the Poker Chips, choose the version that suits you.
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