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Sure Bet

  • A trick played as a game where the magician always wins
  • A race to the finish with playing cards
  • Simple to do
  • Everything left for examination

An ideal trick to buy as a present - because other than performing the trick, this can actually be used as a genuine game. Four people each choose a card. They then race each other to a finish line by turning up cards from a shuffled deck. However, when using the secret contained in this trick, the magician can control the outcome of the game and whenever desired, ensure they are the winner.

The effect is - The magician freely shows a mixed up pack of playing cards and a small printed grid with four tracks on it - neatly marked by the Hearts, Club, Spade & Diamond pictures. Individual spectators each shuffle cards from the deck and remove one to represent three of the four suits, the magician gets the remaining one (it's a perfectly free choice, spectators go first and the magician always gets the remaining suit). Now, the shuffled cards are placed face down on the table and the race begins.

Cards are turned up one by one and the grid is marked off according to the suits as they're turned up. No matter how close it gets, the magician is always guaranteed to win and the offered prize is safe.
A great self working trick that's easy to carry around and fun to perform anywhere, any time.
We supply the cards (they can be fully examined), plus the printed grid and a dry marker pen (for marking on the grid and allowing it to be re-used).
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