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Mindwarp - Jerry Sadowitz

  • Powerful mind reading that's easy to do
  • Flat printed card fits in your pocket
  • Use it anytime, anywhere
  • Angle proof

Mindwarp by Jerry Sadowitz is a little miracle that you'll carry around with you, no preparation is required, no set up, it fits in the pocket and is always ready to perform.

The performer, claiming that computers are getting much smaller these days, hands a card (plastic coated) and small plastic mouse to a spectator for thorough examination. The card has 30 different five letter words printed on one side and a complete mixture of alphabet letters on the reverse.
Having examined everything, the spectator is requested to simply think of any word from the list, (note: they don't write the word, they don't tell anyone, they simply think of it).
Next, the card is turned over and while the magician looks away, the spectator spells the word by touching the mouse's nose onto the appropriate letters from the mixed up alphabet printed on the reverse of the card. This done, the performer simply takes the mouse, holds it to their ear and correctly names the chosen word.
This great Mind Reading trick is always ready to go - You're supplied with the printed card, plastic mouse and instruction, there's nothing else to carry around, nothing else is used. If you prefer not to carry the mouse, then simply have them use another object (pen, finger etc). A Mind Reading Miracle that you'll carry in your pocket and use again and again. The method is cunning and very clever, the effect is totally baffling and easy to perform.
Note: This trick is sold exclusively by us through our Magic Shop in London with the complete and personal authorisation of Jerry Sadowitz.
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