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Okito Box & Boston Box - US Half Dollar Model

£17.00 - £19.00
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  • Beautiful Brass Box
  • Versatile Coin Magic Prop
  • Half Dollar Size
  • Can be examined (Okito Box)

Note from Martin:

The Okito & Boston boxes are classic magic for the Coin Worker.
A typical routine for the Okito box is as follows...      Magician shows a coin and a box, puts the coin inside the box and closes the lid. Shaking the box, the coin is heard inside. The box is placed on the back of the magician's hand and held a few inches above the table. The top of the box is tapped and the coin falls from under the hand onto the table, all is given for immediate examination. Regarded as the 'original' coin box, this is the perfect weight and size and is beautifully made in brass.
The Boston Box is similar to the Okito, except that it has a recess in its base allowing for a half dollar coin to be placed there permanently. This allows for variations of its use in that a stack of coins placed inside the box, can be shown as if they are still there even after they've gone. Routines are supplied and many more can be found in Bobo's and many other books.
Coin boxes are an important part of coin magic, allowing you to perform impossible routines anywhere, anytime.
Video shows Okito box performance
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£17.00 - £19.00
Only 3 left!