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Omni Deck

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  • Solid clear deck of cards
  • Ideal finale for the Ambitious Card Trick
  • Supplied with Shawn Farquhar's routine
  • The best quality solid Clear Deck of cards

Note from Martin:

As well as stocking The Original Omni Deck, we also stock the Glass Deck. The Glass Deck is cheaper, but also an inferior quality version of this prop, however it but does suit some customer's budget and requirements.
If you are able to call into our shop in London, you can check out both versions and choose between them according to your own personal needs.

The origination of the Omni Deck came from an idea by expert magicians, Jerry Andrus & Danny Korem. It was made popular by Shawn Farquhar and Palmer Magic, who made an excellent quality prop to use with Shawn's Ambitious Card routine.

This is the original Omni Deck, produced by Palmer Magic (Shawn Farquhar) and considered to be the best quality version of a solid clear plastic block designed to resemble a deck cards. It is used by magicians the world over, usually as a climax to a routine. This comes with Shawn's prize winning routine that makes it the perfect finale to the Ambitious Card Trick.
Not to be confused with other versions, you can look at, compare, and buy the Omni Deck by Palmer Magic by calling into ;our magic shop in London or order online here from our website, it is generally considered to be the best quality version of what is rapidly becoming a classic magic prop.
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