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Poker Player's Nightmare (Improved)

  • Visual card magic
  • Instant change of Poker Hand
  • No flaps, instant reset

Note from Martin:


This great little card trick has one of the most instant and visual changes you'll ever see.
Two sets of 5 cards (one red backed, the other blue) are placed on the table. A coin is tossed and according to how it lands, the spectator is given one set, the magician the other. However, when both sets are shown, the magician has five random cards whereas the spectator has a 'Full House'. The magician clearly shows all five cards individually back and front - then, in an instant, without any false moves, the magician's cards change into a 'Royal Flush'. All cards are again cleanly and fully shown individually  back & front. 
No sleight of hand, all cards are shown back and front as both a losing and then a winning hand. The change is instant and extremely magical. What's more, this is re-set ready to go again the moment you finish your performance!
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