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Al Schneider Lecture (Streamed Video)

  • Original methods & routines
  • 7 great effects using Coins, Silks and Cups & Balls
  • Includes: Dances With Coins,
  • Expansion Of Texture,
  • Osmosis, Silk in Bottle
  • Plus other great effects

Note From Martin

These are Martin's notes...


Al Schneider is widely recognised as one of Magic's great modern thinkers and originators. This is a recording of his lecture (approx 70 mins) recorded at the MacMillan Mgic Convention, London 2008. During his lecture for a packed audience of magicians, Al performs and explains in great detail, the following routines.

Dances With Coins - A super simple One Coin Routine that you'll use right away. The coin vanishes and appears in so many places, it's continuous, do it for as long or short as you require, and it's oh so easy!

Osmosis - A beautiful Three Coin Through Hanky routine

Expansion Of Texture - Al's method for this classic

Cups & Balls - Al showed this routine for the first time in this lecture. Plenty of tips along the way, what's more, there's no loads to set up, when you finish the routine, you're ready to go again.

When Spaces Change Places - A Round and a Square Hole in two separate pieces of card, change places visually. Excellent magic that's simple to perform.

Wild Coins - Silver & Copper transformations, Al's method is straight forward using a simple gimmick

Silk In Bottle - A visual transposition where a silk vanishes from one hand to instantly appear inside a bottle.



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  1. Al Schneider Magic Lecture

Media Type Digital Lesson

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