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  • A clever principle that has versatile uses
  • Ideal mentalist trick
  • Supplied with printed instruction & alphabet cards
  • Easy to perform

This is capable of a variety of presentations, here is just an example...

The performer places a prediction in full view, then mixes a small stack of cards with various instructions printed on each. A set of 'Alphabet cards' are shown and also mixed. The spectator cuts the instruction cards and begins following their directions from the cut to to card. Dealing through the 'Alphabet Cards' in a comical way (dictated by the instructions), the spectator is left holding one card. The prediction is revealed, however, initially it is seen to be incorrect. As an afterthought, the magician points out that the two letters make up the initials of someone famous (you can choose the person here), the prediction is turned over to reveal a picture of the famous person. Everything is left for thorough examination.
You are supplied with a printed set of 'Alphabet Cards', various instruction cards (including some comical instructions) plus some great routines and ideas using either the 'Alphabet Cards' or regular playing cards. 
Can be performed impromptu, anytime, anywhere, with a borrowed shuffled deck.
Resets instantly to perform again.
What's more, it's self working.
A great effect with many capabilities - predict the initials of your booker, the CEO of a company or the Bride & Groom at a wedding. Or simply carry around a few of the instruction cards and perform it with a borrowed deck, anytime, without any set up.
Outcome got a huge response selling out for us on its launch at the 2017 Blackpool Magic Convention.
When shown to expert magician, 'Jerry Sadowitz' on pre-release, his words were "The best new card trick in years"
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