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Juan Tamariz 2nd Lecture DVD

  • Full performance with some explanation
  • Use of comedy in your performance
  • Same Trick Twice
  • Follow The Leader

Juan Tamariz, first came to London to perform at our MacMillan Magic Convention in 1977 (his first time in the UK), he was a sensation. Since then, he returned many times to lecture and to perform for us.

This DVD is the 2nd lecture by him that was recorded for release. It shows Tamariz in true character, baffling and entertaining his audience before imparting his great knowledge and theory.
If there's a theme for the lecture, it's got to be Comedy. Comedy! Comedy! Comedy! Tamariz doesn't only explain how to use it in your magic performance, he shows it too.
He begins with a performance of six full routines, it's a great performance and they're great routines that both baffle and entertain. He then proceeds with the teaching, and in doing so, chooses one of the routines (The Same Trick Twice) to explain his theory of how Comedy is used in Magic. Tamariz goes into great detail, explaining how it should be used, when it should be used, why to use it and why it works.
To finish the lecture, Tamariz treats us to a performance of Follow The Leader. In doing so, he uses the principles previously explained, and shows where they're used in this routine, pointing out why they work.
Contents include:
4 Card Prediction (performance only)
Same Trick Twice (performance & explanation)
Oil And Water (performance only)
Estimation ESP (performance only)
Hypnotic Cards (performance only)
The Three Coincidences (performance only)
Follow The Leader (performance & explanation)
There are two routines explained, but this is not a DVD for learning tricks, this is a DVD for learning the use of comedy in magic and performance. The routines that aren't taught, are here for you to watch and enjoy, and with some magic knowledge you can easily understand them. But why they're really here, is for you to understand the theories taught by Tamariz, and how he uses it in mis-direction.
A great lecture for magicians looking to improve their performance, by a magician who knows how to perform.
Duration approximately 100 minutes.
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