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Juan Tamariz 1st Lecture DVD

  • Full performance with some explanation
  • Intense detail on false counts
  • How to 'Lap Playing Cards'
Juan Tamariz regularly attended our MacMillan Magic Conventions in London, both to perform and to lecture. This DVD contains the full lecture that he gave for our 1990 convention. In it, he amazes the audience (including many prominent magicians) with some incredible Card Magic, then proceeds to teach some of the routines in great detail.
The first 35 minutes are performance only, and what a performance. The audience go wild as they're amazed by the magic, baffled by the methods and entertained in a way that only Tamariz does. The remaining 40 minutes are dedicated to explanation, and although in typical Tamariz lecture style, he doesn't explain all the routines, those he does - he explains in great detail, with many tips and secrets that are so useful and usable.
Contents include -
Shuffled/Un-Shuffled: A shuffled deck separates into red/black, then into suits (performance only).
Spectator Locator: A freely chosen card is located by a spectator who's been looking away throughout (performance & explanation).
3-Card Surprise: An entertaining routine using only three cards, first they all become Threes, then they all become Sevens. As if that wasn't enough, they all melt into one totally different card (performance & explanation).
Memory Trick: This is pure Tamariz, cards are selected from a shuffled deck and named by him, but it's done under impossible conditions and with great build up (performance only).
Colour Change Knives: This effect became a speciality of many Spanish magicians. In watching this, we can understand why! In Tamariz's hands the paddle move takes on a whole new meaning - pure magic (performance only).
Follow The Leader: Tamariz's great version of this card classic (performance only) - Although not explained in this lecture, he does cover it in his 2nd lecture also available
4 Card Prediction: Another great routine that Tamariz was often seen performing around this time, a spectator picks three cards and the magician picks one. All are correctly predicted (performance only).
Cards Across: Three cards magically transfer from one spectator to another, it's magic, it's entertaining, it's Tamariz! (performance & explanation).
All this, plus detail on the 2nd deal, false counts, timing, lapping, acting the part, body movement etc. It's all here on this great lecture DVD.
Duration approximately 75 minutes.
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