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Openers by David Jones DVD

  • How to open your show
  • What tricks to use & Why
  • Theory, Performance & Explanation

Note from Martin:

A vital part of any magicians repertoire is the opening effect. So how do you break the ice and get into your magic routine? This DVD is packed with essential information, including a variety of tricks to get your performance started - includes a full explanation of the 'Easy Money' (Paper to Money) routine and how to make it, along with many other tricks.Watch any performer, in any show, in any field of entertainment, you can spot the good ones, right from the start! That first impression is so important, it can make or break the the whole show. Not only that, get it right with your opener, and everything else becomes much, much easier!
Dave Jones, a professional magician for many years, knows his stuff. He starts this lecture taking us through the theory of opening tricks, covering all you need to know for every type of performer and every type of act. He gives examples, establishing character, golden rules, how to approach a group, it's all here and it's packed with useful tips.
Proceeding through the lecture, he shows and teaches various kinds of tricks that make the ideal openers, explaining the situations they're suited for.
Contents include:
Lucky Cards
The Salt Cellar
Colour Change Penknives
Crazy Man's Handcuffs
Easy Money
Invisible Deck
Flash Coin Production
Fire Wallet
My Favourite Opener
Sucker Silks
Six Card Repeat
Torn & Restored Newspaper (performance only)
Such an important subject, covered completely in this live recording at our Magic Shop London
Duration approximately 90 minutes.
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